Dear guests, Acquarena is currently closed due to safety regulations. Thank you for understanding!

Indoor Pools

The Acquarena Indoor Pool with fun pool, children's pool, sport's pool, salt water pool and whirlpool ...

For a perfect day:
The fun pool with its 64 meter long slide, rapids, neck massaging showers and whirl beds offers a lot of entertainment for the whole family. In the warm children's pool with slides and heated caves the youngest guests will be more than happy.
In between small snacks can be enjoyed in our picnic area.

For your health:
Swimming strengthens the body and soul. The 25 meter sports pool is the ideal workout location for learners, professionals and recreational swimmers.

For your inner balance:
Enjoy swimming in the sun in the warm salt water pool, a massage in the bubbly whirlpool and some rest in the quiet relaxation room.
A visit to our infrared cabin relieves back pains and strengthens the immune system.



Fun pool

64 meter long slide, rapids, neck massaging showers, whirl-beds

Water surface: 320 m²
Depth: 1,40 metres
Water temperature: 27 - 31 °C

Children's pool

Slides, waterfall, small heated caves

Water temperature: 26 - 31 °C
Water surface: 56 m²
Depth: 0,30 metres

Sports pool

1-meter diving board, 8 lanes

Water temperature: 25 - 27 °C
Water surface: 415 m²
Depth: 0,90 - 4,00 metres (adjustable bottom)

Salt water pool

Neck massaging showers, whirl-beds

Water temperature: 27 - 33 °C
Water surface: 164 m²
Depth: 1,30 metres


Temperature: 26 - 32 °C
Water surface: 15 m²
Depth: 1,20 metres

Infrared cabin

Dissolves muscle tensions, eases back pains, increases the blood circulation, stimulates the metabolism, strengthens the defensive forces and increases regeneration after physical stress.

Room: for two people
Subject to a charge: yes
Duration: half hour