Outdoor Pools

The outdoor pool with fun pool, children's pool, sports pool and a lot of outdoor spaces ...

For a perfect summerday:
Water amusement for the entire family in the fun pool with 77 meter-spiral slide, rapids, neck massage showers and whirl beds. The youngest have their first water experiences in the funny children's pool with many water games and long channels, on witch boats can be sent on their way.

For your health:
Swimming exercise in the olympic sports pool with eight lanes and diving platforms up to 5 meters high.

For your inner balance:
Is there anything nicer than sunbathing on the lawn? A lot of action takes place on the beach volley and beach soccer courts.
Kids of every age enjoy themselves on the climbing walls and building sand castles on the playground.

Fun pool

77 meter long slide, rapids, neck massaging showers, whirl-beds

Water temperature: 22 - 27 °C
Water surface: 590 m²
Depth: 1,40 metres

Children's pool

Slide, various water games, big playground with sand box

Temperature: 22 - 27 °C
Depth: 0,30 metri

Sports pool

1-, 3- and 5- meter diving boards, 8 lanes

Water temperature: 22 - 27 °C
Water surface: 1.350 m²
Depth: 1,80 - 3,80 metres