Dear guests, Acquarena is open! Our pools, sauna and fitness center are only accessible with online reservations.

Access only with reservation

Dear guests, 

the pools are currently only accessible with reservations.
This is valid for all guests, including season and yearly ticket holders and tourists with guest cards. 

Covid 19


Access only with reservation
Maximum stay of 5 hours
For stays that last longer than 5 hours we charge 5 €/hour
No multiple access in one day
We check your body temperature before access


Always keep a safety distance to other guests
Wear a mask in all designated areas
Wash hands frequently


Swimming is fun. And much more than that!

The bubbles in the whirlpool. The sun-kissed skin in the salt water pool. 
Keeping fit and healthy whilst crawling in the sports pool. Watching the kids having fun splashing in the water. 
The excitement of a ride on the big slide. 

Do you get excited every time you pack your bags? Well, we are excited to welcome you!

In winter and summer time. On rainy and sunny days. Always. 


The Indoor Pools are currently closed due to Covid19!

Our Indoor area with fun pool, sports pool, children's pool, salt water pool and Whirlpool is open all year round.

Indoor pool details:

Fun pool 64 meter long slide, rapids, neck massaging showers, whirl-beds Water surface: 320 m²;
Depth: 1,40 metres;
Water temperature: 27 - 31 °C
Children's pool Slides, waterfall, small heated caves Water temperature: 26 - 31 °C;
Water surface: 56 m²;
Depth: 0,30 metres
Sports pool 1-meter diving board, 8 lanes Water temperature: 25 - 27 °C;
Water surface: 415 m²;
Depth: 0,90 - 4,00 metres (adjustable bottom)
Salt water pool Neck massaging showers, whirl-beds Water temperature: 27 - 33 °C;
Water surface: 164 m²;
Depth: 1,30 metres
Whirlpool Relax pool Water temperature: 26 - 32 °C;
Water surface: 15 m²;
Depth: 0,60 metres

Infrared sauna room
(currently closed)

Fits up to two people With costs: yes;
Duration: half hour



The outdoor pools are closed!

From June to the beginning of September, Acquarena offers twice as much. This is the time for the outdoor area which includes a fun pool, kids pool, sports pool, a large lawn, beach volley and soccer fields and a big playground

Outdoor pool Details:

Fun pool 77 meter long slide, rapids, neck massaging showers, whirl-beds Water temperature: 22 - 27 °C
Water surface: 590 m²
Depth: 1,40 metres
Kids pool Slide, various water games Temperature: 22 - 27 °C
Depth: 0,30 metri
Sports pool 1-, 3- and 5- meter diving boards, 8 lanes Water temperature: 22 - 27 °C
Water surface: 1.350 m²
Depth: 1,80 - 3,80 metres
Outdoor areas Big lawn, outdoor bar 12.000 m²
Playground Sand box, climbing wall  
Playing fields Beachvolley and Beachsoccer  



Three different swimming clubs offer various swim courses for beginners and professionals.
The club offices are located in Acquarena's basement floor.

SSV Brixen

Tel.: 0472 200 807
Mobile: 380 788 0743

Schwimmclub Brixen

Tel.: 0472 838 464
Mobile: 331 347 2150

Diving club Brixen

Tel.:347 6922508