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Dear Guests,

Our department for physiotherapy is open Monday to Friday.

Infos und appointments: 
Call us       0472 823 661      9 - 12 AM

Why choose us?

Because we start, where you stand
and use, what you have,
to show you, what you are able to do.

Physiotherapy is our passion, our lifeblood and our contribution to society.
Our origin In the Kneippkurhaus Dr. von Guggenberg makes it possible to combine traditional therapy methods with new innovations of physiotherapy and osteopathy.
We live tradition and modernity.

In our new location Acquarena we can provide you with different water therapy methods, classical rehab and specific physical training in our gym to accompany you after injury and operations to regain autonomy.

If you allow us to treat you, we will pick you up where you are position, both physically and mentally. Our well-constructed and individual team has a treasure chest full of experiences and knowledge and isn’t scared to tackle any physical problem.

We are excited to be able to help you!


In our physiotherapy centre, a highly qualified team of physiotherapists, osteopaths, sports scientists and masseurs treat your medical condition on a daily basis. Effective and precise treatments make a significant contribution to the recovery of your mobility and offer you preventive strategies for the future.

Our services


Manual therapy; rehabilitation; physical and thermo-therapy; sport physiotherapy; breathing therapy; Fascial Distortion Model (Typaldos); jaw-joint treatment; neurological rehab


Structural and partial osteopathy; visceral osteopathy; craniosacral osteopathy, sport-osteopathy


Ultrasound; Papimi; electrotherapy (Tens, interference, etc.); extracorporeal shockwave therapy


Classical complete and partial massage; manual lymph drainage; connective tissue massage (Dicke); foot-reflex-zones massage (Hannah Marquart)


Classical tape; meditape

Physical therapy

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