Sight rules

1. General rules

  1. These Rules apply to normal bathing.
  2. Their purpose is to ensure safety, order and cleanliness in the complex.
  3. The Rules are binding for all guests and visitors. By accessing the complex using the admission ticket, every guest and visitor agrees to observe the Rules as well as any other provisions established by Acquarena.
  4. In case of special events, offers for courses or associative activities, Acquarena reserves the right to allow exceptions to the Rules, without this requiring their cancellation. All exceptions are only valid if agreed in writing.
  5. For use of the complex by schools, sports clubs and swimming pool complexes, the relevant specific agreements are also valid besides these Rules.
  6. Acquarena reserves the right to change the Rules at any time.

2. Guests and visitors

  1. The swimming pool is accessible to everyone.
  2. However, access is forbidden to:
    - persons with infectious diseases, rashes or sores,
    - persons under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicating substances,
    - persons whose behaviour is expected to cause safety problems or disorder,
    - persons who have been banned from accessing the swimming pool.
  3. Persons for whom access is allowed only with an adult guardian:
    - children under 6 years of age,
    - persons in need of help with physical or mental handicaps.
  4. It is forbidden to bring animals inside the complex (applies to all areas).

3. Sauna guests

  1. Children under the age of 14 are not allowed to access the sauna.
  2. Teenagers aged 14-17 can access only if accompained by their parents.
  3. The sauna is a quiet area. The Acquarena staff is allowed to ask guests to leave the are if they are disturbing other guests.
  4. In the sauna smartphones and tablets can only be used in some designated areas. All devices have to be kept on silent mode. Talking on the phone is not permitted.
  5. The sauna rooms and water spaces have to be entered naked. In all relaxing rooms and in the sauna bar it is mandatory to cover yourself up with a towel or a bathobe.

4. Admission ticket

  1. At the entrance, the guest will receive a bracelet with chip or a barcode card with time control for:
    - the opening of entry and exit revolving gates,
    - the use of lockers,
    - the charging of extra services.
  2. Supplements over the purchased time of stay and extra services are paid at the cash machine at the exit of the complex.
  3. If you lose your wristband with chip or your admission ticket, you will be charged a fee of 15 euros.
  4. In case of loss of the entry chip, Acquarena will hand over the items stored in the lockers or safes only after the guest has proven to be their legitimate owner.
  5. Guests are not allowed to exit and re-access Acquarena with the same ticket.
  6. Acquarena does not accept back tickets that have already been used and the price paid for tickets will not be refunded.
  7. Memberships are non-transferable. In the event of improper use of the membership, Acquarena reserves the right to cancel the membership without refunds.

5. Opening hours

  1. The opening hours are visible on posters at the entrance.
  2. Guests will be granted admission to the swimming pool no later than one hour before closing.
  3. Acquarena reserves the right to change the opening and closing hours of one or more areas on certain occasions (e.g. maintenance, swimming events, bad weather).
  4. If the limit number of guests is reached, Acquarena reserves the right to temporarily suspend access to new guests.
  5. Acquarena has the right to close the swimming pools or certain areas in order to carry out maintenance or in the event of malfunctions, courses, bad weather conditions, or for other reasons. Acquarena is not responsible for suspended admission to the swimming pools or areas.

6. Stay

  1. If guests stay longer than the time limit stated on the purchased ticket, a surcharge will be applied (see price list for applicable surcharges). Only the clock inside the complex is valid for determining the time limit. The maximum surcharge for exceeding the time limit/length of stay is the price for a full day ticket.

 7. Liability

  1. Guests access the Acquarena complex at their own risk. Parents, legal guardians and accompaniers are responsible for supervising children and persons with handicaps. Parents and legal guardians are responsible for making sure that their children are accompanied by a suitable person in the Acquarena complex.
  2. Each guest is liable for damage to other persons and third party property, including damages caused to the complex.
  3. Acquarena is not responsible in any way:
  • in the event of behaviour that goes against these Rules,
  • in the event of improper use of the complex,
  • in the event of damage to third parties,
  • in the event of theft or loss of valuables, personal belongings and cash, even if stored in the designated lockers, and in the event of destruction or damage to personal items. For this reason, Acquarena invites guests not to bring valuables and personal belongings into the complex,
  • in the event of theft, loss or damage to clothing,
  • in the event of damage to persons or property suffered by guests participating in entertainment activities, special events, courses, sports events or swimming events.
  1. Acquarena assumes no responsibility for the use of the playground.
  2. Any complaints, as well as reports of damage, injury or theft are to be reported immediately to the staff on site and must be documented on the forms provided at the entrance.
  3. Acquarena will ignore late reports and/or claims.

 8. Custody of clothing and valuables

  1. The bracelet with chip entitles guests to store their clothing in a locker.
  2. Each guest is responsible for regularly locking the locker.
  3. After using the locker, guests must leave it clean and open. The lockers that remain closed are opened after the closing hours.
  4. Special safes are available to guests for the storage of valuables.

 9. Lost & Found

  1. Any items found on site are to be handed over to the swimming pool staff.
  2. The items found are treated according to the law.

 10. Clothing in the swimming pool

  1. Use of the swimming pools is permitted only with normal swimming attire (shorts, bikinis, swimsuits). Guests are not allowed to wear slippers inside the water. The decision as to the appropriateness of clothing is reserved to the staff alone.
  2. Poolside access is allowed only with slippers.
  3. Small children are required to wear diapers and/or appropriate swimsuits.
  4. Guests are allowed to change only in the locker rooms.
  5. The locker rooms are available only for dressing and undressing.
  6. Swimsuits may not be washed or squeezed in the swimming pools.
  7. It is not allowed to access the corridor between the locker rooms and showers, the showers and some indoor areas with shoes.
  8. This no-access ban to these areas also applies to strollers.
  9. You are not allowed to access the outdoor swimming poolside with shoes.

11. Personal hygiene

  1. Each guest has to shower before entering the pool.
  2. Guests are not allowed to use soaps or other products to clean the body outside the shower rooms.

12. Personal conduct

  1. Each guest must behave in such a way as not to disturb the other guests or put them in danger.
  2. Sexually explicit conduct will not be allowed and will be reported to the authorities in charge.
  3. The complex must be treated with respect. Damage and/or pollution is prohibited and will automatically entail a refund by the guest responsible. In case of intentional damage and/or pollution, Acquarena reserves the right to report the matter to the authorities in charge.
  4. Trash is to be disposed of using the separate waste collection bins.
  5. The sports pool, the diving board and the slide may only be used by experienced swimmers.
  6. Guests who cannot swim are not allowed to get too close to the edge of the sports pool and can use only the areas dedicated to non-swimmers.
  7. In the indoor pools and in the areas around them, children and people with poor swimming skills are required to carry buoyancy aids.
  8. The slides can only be used according to the instructions displayed on the billboards. The guest should immediately get away from the slide’s arrival lane.
  9. It is forbidden to:
    - push anyone underwater or throw someone into the water,
    - jump into the water from the poolside,
    - dive head first in the playground pool,
    - swim underwater near the diving board area,
    - run poolside, exercise on the access ladders and on the support bars or climb the dividing lanes,
    - use flippers, goggles and the like,
    - use life rings and the like outside of the playground pool,
    - reserve sunbeds and benches,
    - use audio devices and musical instruments,
    - smoking (except in the dedicated outdoor spaces),
    - consume food and beverages outside the bar and picnic areas,
    - throw away glass or sharp objects.
  10. Small toys are only allowed in the children's pool.
  11. Ball games are allowed only in the dedicated spaces and can be prohibited by Acquarena staff in case of heavy visitor traffic.
  12. It is forbidden to photograph people without their consent. Failure to comply implies being permanently banned from the complex.
  13. Only Acquarena is allowed to sell and/or supply goods within the complex.
  14. Organising swimming lessons (including non-commercial) or other forms of animation is allowed only with prior permission by Aquarena. It will be the staff of Acquarena to decide whether the course is a swimming lesson or professional animation.
  15. Organising sports events or the like is allowed only with prior permission by Aquarena.
  16. The display of advertisements (e.g. billboards) and exposure of leaflets is allowed only with prior permission by Acquarena.

13. Surveillance

  1. Staff on site is in charge of monitoring compliance with these swimming pool Rules.
  2. Personnel's instructions must be followed to the letter.
  3. In case of visits by groups, schools or associations, it is their guardians’ responsibility to ensure compliance with the Rules. Parents and guardians are responsible for young children and people with physical or mental handicaps.
  4. Guests who violate the Rules and do not respect order and common peace will be immediately expelled from the complex by the staff for a certain period of time. Any violations to this ban will be reported as acts of trespassing to the authorities in charge. The cost of the admission ticket will not be refunded.
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