Frequently asked questions

  • Is Acquarena open during the holidays?
    Yes it is, Acquarena is open every day, even on holidays. However, on the 24th and the 31st of December we close at 6 pm.
  • Is the indoor swimming pool open during summertime?
    Yes, the indoor pool is open almost all year round.
    From the 27th of May to the 16th of June, all indoor pools will be closed for maintenance work.

  • Can I reach Acquarena by public transport?
    Yes you can. Almost all national and international trains stop in Brixen and the train station is only a 15 minutes walk away. You can also reach us by Citybus Line 2, the closest stop is in the Altenmarktgasse (Trattengasse on Saturday, Sunday and holidays). Click here for the Citybus timetables.
  • Can I reach Acquarena by bicyle?
    Yes you can, Acquarena is right next to a bike path that connects Brixen with Bruneck, Sterzing and Bozen. The city center can also be explored by bicycle or on foot.
  • If I travel by car, do I have to pay for the parking space?
    Just outside Acquarena there is the large parking lot "Priel Nord". If you are our customer you can get a reduced fee by paying at Acquarena's front desk. You pay at the exit using the ticket you receive at the parking barrier.

  • Can I park my Camper in the parking lot?
    Parking of vehicles longer than 5 metres is not allowed.
    Please contact the City Police Brixen for more information Tel. 0472 836 131.

  • What advantages do I have with the BrixenCard?
    You get a free 3-hour ticket for the pool area with the BrixenCard. If you want to stay longer than 3 hours, you pay € 4.00 per person for the daily ticket. For the sauna area you pay a supplement of € 16.00 ( for 3 hours) or € 20.00 ( daily ticket).
    The BrixenCard is valid daily except on Sundays and public holidays.

  • Can Acquarena be accessed and used by physically disabled people?
    Yes, Acquarena can be accessed and used by disabled people.
  • What is the age limit for the sauna?
    Children under the age of 14 are not allowed to access the sauna. Teenagers aged 14-17 can access only if accompained by their parents. Please note that the sauna area is a quiet zone. Acquarena staff are authorised to expel guests who do not respect these regulations.

  • Do people with disabilities and their attendants qualify for a discount?
    Yes they do, depending on their disability rate:
    46–75 % = 10 % discount (Pools + Sauna); Normal price for attendants
    76–90 % = 25 % discount (Pools + Sauna); Normal price for attendants.
    > 91 % = free entrance for both the disabled person an the attendant (Pools); 15 € for the disabled person and 15 € for the attendant (Sauna).
  • Is there a discount for large groups?
    Groups of twenty or more people receive a 10% discount on Pool ticket prices and every 20th ticket is free. There are no group discounts for the Sauna.
  • Is there an evening discount?
    There is a 20% discount on the 3-hour pool or sauna ticket after 7:30 pm.
  • Can I access Acquarena with my baby?
    For the youngest we have separate pools with slides and water games. Please consider, that babies are only allowed into the pools wearing swimming dipers.

  • Does Acquarena offer a child care service?
    Unfortunately Acquarena does not have a child care or entertainment programm.

  • Can I access the indoor pools with a stroller?
    For sanitary reasons strollers are not alowed into the indoor pools area. You are welcome to borrow a stroller at our cash desks (rental costs: € 1.00).

  • How old do my children have to be to be allowed to access Acquarena by themselves?
    Children can access Acquarena by themselves starting at the age of 8, although it is the parents duty to make sure that they are supervised by an adult.

  • Can I bring my pet?
    Pets are not allowed into the building.

  • Is there a restaurant where I can have lunch or dinner? Am I allowed to bring my own food?
    Acquarena disposes of a small bar in both in- and outdoor areas. The bars offer drinks, snacks and a large choise of dishes from the close by restaurant "Grissino".
    In our indoor picnic area you can enjoy food brought from home.
    Glass bottles are not allowed in any area; our staff is entitled to prohibit the use of dangerous objects.
    In the sauna there is a small bar offering drinks and snacks. Eating and drinking is only allowed in that area.

  • Are there any smoking areas?
    Smoking is only allowed in some designated outdoor areas. During the winter months, a smoking tent is available.
    Smoking is not permitted in the entire sauna area.

  • Can I use my phone or tablet?
    Yes, in the pool area phones and tablets are allowed. Please note, that it is stricktly prohibited to take pictures or to film other guets.
    In the sauna smartphones and tablets can only be used in some designated areas. All devices have to be kept on silent mode. Talking on the phone is not permitted.

  • Do I have to wear a swimming cap?
    No, swimming caps are not mandatory.

  • Do I have to bring my own towel and bathrobe?
    Towels and bathrobes can be rented. The towel rental costs €  5,00  + € 10,00  deposit and the bathrobe rental costs
    €  7,00 + € 10,00 deposit.
    Flip-flops can be bought for 5,00 € (size 36-44).
    The towel rental for a small fitness towel costs € 3,00 + € 10,00 deposit.
    Swimsuits, swimming caps, dipers and more can be bought in the small kiosk in the hall.

  • Am I allowed to swim with fins?
    No. Fins and other diving utensils are not permitted.
    Swimming aids can only be used in the fun pool.
    Small toys are only allowed in the children's pool.

  • Do I have to be naked in the entire area of the sauna?
    Only the sauna rooms and water spaces have to be entered naked. In all relaxing rooms and in the sauna bar it is mandatory to cover yourself up with a towel or a bathrobe.

  • Do I need change for the lockers?
    During wintertime you will get a chip-wristband to close a locker. If you have articles of value you can rent a safe deposit box (with a 10 € deposit).
    During summertime you can get a chip-wristband with a 10 € deposit.

  • Is there a lost and found office?
    Please ask our front desk: tel. 0472 268 433 or write us an e-mail to: Articles of value are handed over to the local police station.

  • How can I book a bowling alley?
    For information and reservations for the bowling alley managed by the "Grissino" restaurant in the basement of the Acquarena, please call 0472 262 510 or visit the Website
  • How can I buy a gift card?
    Gift cards can be bought at the Acquarena cash desk or in our shop.
    The cash value of the gift card does not expire. However, if the admission prices have risen, you will have to pay the additional price. Please note that gift cards cannot be returned or paid out in cash.

  • Can I book my tickets in advance?
    You can book your tickets directly on our website.

  • How can I register myself for a swimming course?
    For information on swimming courses that are held in the Acquarena, please contact the swimming clubs. Contact information can be found here.

  • Is all pools heated?
    Sports pool indoor 25–27 °C
    Fun pool indoor: 27–31 °C
    Salt water pool: 27–33 °C
    Whirlpool indoor: 26–32°C
    Children's pool indoor: 26–31 °C
    Sports pool outdoor: 22–27 °C
    Fun pool outdoor: 22–27 °C
    Children's pool outdoor: 22–27°C
  • Are there any "Aufguss" in the sauna?
    During the winter season, the "Aufguss" take place every 60 minutes, always on the half hour.
    In the summer season, "Aufguss" are guaranteed at least every two hours.

  • Can I book a lane?
    Yes, lanes can be booked in the indoor (25 meters length) and outdoor (50 meters length, only in summer) sports pools. Please contact us to check rates and availability:
    Tel. 0472 268 433,
  • What happens if I loose my key-wristband?
    A deposit of 15 € has to be paid. If the key-wristband is found, you will get your money back.

  • Are there any hotels closeby?
    In Bressanone and its surroundings there are many hotels and guesthouses. Acquarena has some partner hotels, which offer special conditions for your visit to the pool and sauna area
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